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Paving the way for US market success.


If your company is in the process of considering US market entrance or if you are ready for Business Development, Partnerships or raising Capital in the US, you need to do it right the first time. 


Silicon Valley and the supporting start-up ecosystem is a natural entrance point for many European technology companies into the US market. But the environment is complex and there can be many obstacles along the way. Making the right connections, finding the right partners, establishing a presence and handling administrative "red tape" can be risky, costly and time consuming. After all, you also have a business to run at home.


Advant Partners helps European technology and high growth businesses with transitioning into the US market, from strategic positioning, operational business development and formal establishment.  Our consultants are experienced business professionals, who have worked for large corporations and start-ups alike. We are well connected in the start-up and venture ecosystem, as well as with the different innovation hubs around Silicon Valley. ​We are 100% focused on creating tangible business development results and actionable recommendations.


We will help you with a cost effective entrance to the US market, focused on creating value and results.


Please contact us for a no cost, no obligation session to discuss your US market opportunities.


ADVANT | Start

Don't know where to start?

Take a look at our Starter Packages.

It's a small investment to avoid costly mistakes.

ADVANT | Assess

Ready for the big time?

Work with us through our proven methodology.

Assess -> Plan -> Implement -> Execute


ADVANT | Scale
Need more than just space? 

Register for our upcoming incubation program for early stage companies, with mentoring, access to funding etc.


Find the right Go-to-Market Strategy. Distribution model, Pricing Model, Support Model, Marketing Plan, Communication Plan. 

ADVANT | Implement

Establish yourself in the US. We help you navigate all the legal and administrative tasks and make sure you can focus on running your business. 

ADVANT | Execute

Need your own feet on the ground in the US? We can help you find the best people that fit your corporate culture. Dont wan´t the Pay Roll, then let us handle your execution of your Go-to-Market Strategy.

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