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About us


Henrik Jeberg, who is based in San Francisco and Chris Shern, who is based in Copenhagen, together manage Advant Partners. Each has vast experience building and driving international sales and marketing organizations, Henrik from the IT industry and Chris from the airline industry. 

Henrik Jeberg
CEO & Partner
+1 415 715 4522

Henrik Jeberg - M.Sc. Eng. and


Henrik has more than 20 years of experience in the international IT industry as a senior executive in both commercial and technical roles. Expertise in Business Development, Analytics, BI, ERP, Enterprise SW. Worked with SAS Institute, Danish Ministry of Finance, Gartner, Navision (Microsoft Business Solutions) and Carlsberg.


Chris Shern
Managing Partner
+45 30 27 10 12

Chris Shern - Executive MBA, BA, Certified coach


International Business Executive and Board member, with over 20 years of experience and achievements in sales, business strategy, market development, and organizational change, within a broad range of commercial and operational functional areas from primarily the aviation and tourism industries. 





Our team consists of experienced senior executives, many of whom have completed successful exit strategies. Besides the core team, we utilize a network of consultants and associated partners, which assist on a project basis. This allows us the flexibility to construct the optimal team for each client situation without charging for an expensive pay roll.
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