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ADVANT | plan

If the assessment of the market is favorable, Advant will assist you in delivering an actionable Go-to-Market strategy. The US market is vast and complex and we can help to build a Go-to-Market strategy based on key commercial functions that will give your product a unique market position.


At Advant Partners we believe in building a simple effective Go-to-Market model focused on sustainable results. We believe that success lies in securing complete alignment with product uniqueness and organizational competencies and how this is linked to market opportunities and ultimately customer needs.


The key commercial functions will include:

  • Distribution model:
    Develop the right channel mix for the distribution of your product.
  • Partner strategy:
    Secure the appropriate partner relationships, as necessary.
  • Support model:
    Establish the best set-up for both Pre-sales and Post-sales.
  • Marketing and communication plan:
    Find the right formula to communicate your product to the market. 
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