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Interested in a career with Advant Partners? 



A cornerstone in Advant Partners growth strategy is to partner with execution oriented professional services companies.

We generate lots of business opportunities for outsourced accounting, book keeping, HR, legal, M&A, immigration and funding.

If you are a proffesional in these fields and would like to explore opportunities for cooperation, do reach out.

Associate Partners


Advant Partners is looking for Associate Partners with complementary skill sets and experience across the world.

If you are an experienced senior business executive dreaming of putting your expertise to good use for high tech and growth companies, do give us a shout. You will join a team of highly experienced and motivated executives and a network that spans the globe. 

Interns / Students


We are frequently offering MBA or business school students summer - or project internships.

If you are interested in a mentored process where you can become gain some real world experience, don't hesitate to reach out.

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